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Music is borderless and timeless, touching people’s hearts across cultures and generations. Each day the discovery of a truly emotive experience from an unencountered sound awaits. Let us take you on your journey to rediscover music. Technics.
Michiko Ogawa
Michiko Ogawa
Executive Counsellor of Technics
The role of Technics is to reproduce the best sound, in its best form. But I think our role can only be accomplished when we deliver music that can reach into the deepest parts of people’s hearts. Technics wants to create an emotionally engaging experience, delivering the power of music to all.

SA-C600 Networking Digital Integrated Amp/Streamer/CD Player

The SA-C600 Network CD Receiver showcases Technics’ legacy of renowned digital audio technology and flawless construction, eliminating noise and rendering a colorful, vibrant expression of sound space. This versatile receiver unit has a twin power supply circuit system for incredibly clear performance, Spacetune™ technology to optimize the sound field automatically, and incredible connectivity across wireless, digital, and analog channels.

  • Advanced noise reduction, flawless construction, and versatile connectivity.
  • Twin power supply circuit system for optimal performance.
  • Superb sound image localization and transparent spatial expression.
  • Spacetune™ Auto optimally balances sound, auto-adjusting the sound field for the utmost resolution.
  • Streaming Services like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon, and Inputs including CD, radio, analog, optical digital, coaxial digital, USB and MQA.

Available only in Silver for the US market.

SB-C600-K – Point Source, Stand Mount Loudspeaker (matte Black)

A bookshelf speaker system that provides smooth, emotion-rich, high-quality sound, the SB-C600 uses a 2-way coaxial speaker unit that realizes clear sound image localization and a full-scale sound stage.  The balanced driver mounting architecture thoroughly suppresses unnecessary vibrations for clear audio without distortion.

  • Enhanced spatial sound with advanced phase precision driver.
  • High-resolution sound reproduction and a wide sound stage.
  • Reproduces sound with a high signal-to-noise ratio, removing undesirable or unnecessary sounds.
  • Woofer diaphragm has a shallow shape and smooth edge to reduce sound reflection.
  • Balanced driver mounting architecture holds speaker units in place to eliminate vibration and noise.

SU-G700M2-K Digital Integrated Amplifier (Black)

The SU-G700M2 Stereo Integrated Amp has inherited the new domain of sound attained by the SU-R1000 Reference Class Amp. In addition to the full-digital JENO Engine with outstanding sound expressivity, the SU-G700M2 comes with a new power supply system that offers high-speed response and low noise. The three-section configuration is packed with noise and vibration prevention measures. The SU-G700M2 is complete with Phono MC input. It delivers extremely pure and dynamic sound regardless of whether the sound source is analog or digital.

  • Exquisite, Grand-Class Amplifier with full-digital core amplifier technologies.
  • Natural, detailed sound with load adaptive phase calibration (LAPC).
  • Vintage and modern connections with low distortion and a wide frequency range.
  • Gorgeous, sculptural body with sleek, hairline-brushed aluminum cabinet.

SL-G700M2-K Networking CD/SACD/DAC Player (Black)

A new generation of multi-digital audio player that supports a wide range of music sources and delivers the highest sonic fidelity. The establishment of various high-resolution formats (including SACD), the emergence of high-quality streaming platforms, and the continuing vinyl record resurgence have created greater demand for superior-quality sound. As a multi-digital audio player, the new SL-G700M2 supports MQA®, numerous high-resolution audio sources, and a wide variety of music streaming services, in addition to Super Audio CD®/CD playback.

  • Coherent Processing improves the reproducibility of impulse signals by minimizing amplitude and phase deviations that occur throughout the D/A conversion process for signals up to 192 kHz PCM.
  • High-performance D/A converter in dual monaural configuration. The dual ESS ES9026PRO is newly adopted for the DAC chip.
  • Proprietary discrete amplifier circuit after the D/A conversion instead of an operational amplifier IC. Power supply noise suppression thoroughly eliminates adverse effects on minute signals.
  • High-speed switching power supply of approximately 300 kHz, which is also used for the analog circuits of the SU-R1000 reference-class integrated amplifier.
  • Low-noise regulator combined with the original stabilized power supply circuit for lower noise.
  • Current injection active noise canceling removes unwanted noise components by applying an inverse phase current to the detected noise.

SB-G90M2 Floor Standing Loudspeaker (Gloss Black)

Inheriting the concepts of point sound source and linear phase, the Technics SB-G90M2 achieves superb sound image localization for a true-to-life sound stage specialization. This three-way bass reflex speaker system consists of a newly developed 2-way coaxial driver, combining a 25mm dome and a 160mm midrange cone. This is accompanied by two 160mm woofers. Thorough CAE analysis was used to optimize drivers, elements, and enclosure structures to efficiently eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions.

  • Reworked Coaxial Driver Unit for less distortion; linear phase plug eliminates phase disturbance
  • Advanced BDMA (Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture) so vibrations can ‘escape’ to the ground
  • More energetic cabinet structure to efficiently eliminate standing waves
  • Responding to requests from our customer base, the new SB-G90M2 now features bi-wiring speaker terminals

SL-1210G-K Coreless Direct Drive Turntable (Black)

Created by Technics in pursuit of true analog record sound, rather than nostalgia, the SL-1210G includes the latest technologies to solve issues involved with direct-drive systems, such as cogging. The SL-1210G includes a newly developed coreless direct-drive motor with greatly increased precision by incorporating Blu-ray Disc technology for rotation control. This cutting-edge direct-drive system will surpass previous direct-drive systems. It is not a reproduction but an innovation. We are redefining the reference in direct-drive turntables for the modern age.

  • Coreless direct-drive motor with no iron core eliminates cogging.
  • Advanced motor control technology for high starting torque and high-speed stability.
  • Three-layer turntable construction with deadening rubber to eliminate unnecessary resonance.
  • The balance of the turntable is adjusted at the factory using specialized high-precision equipment.
  • High-sensitivity tonearm with lightweight magnesium for a high-damping effect.

SU-R1000PP-K Digital Integrated Amplifier (Black)

Equipped with the next evolution of our full digital amplifier technology, the SU-R1000 produces an ideal sound that conveys all the richness and life of the original without any loss of fidelity. The SU-R1000 breaks through to a new world of sound, with superior sound quality and functionality, bringing together the latest Technics technology.

  • JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) to reproduce the nuances of music.
  • ADCT (Active Distortion Cancelling Technology) for expansive sound ambience.
  • Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply that results in the best performance from the digital amplifier.
  • Four Independent Power Supply Units for a high S/N ratio and superb separation.
  • High-grade Digital/Analog I/O Circuit for outstanding sound quality from any input source.

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“The Technics SU-R1000 is both a beautiful looking and fantastic sounding audio component. Full stop. The elegant (and frankly, off-the-hook) looks combined with the rather ingenious technology innovations and superior sound quality, make the Technics SU-R1000 a component that I would be incredibly proud to have, listen to, and display in my home. Well done, Technics. Well done, indeed!”

– Carlo Lo Raso