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The French brand Focal expands its collection of loudspeakers for Home with Vestia. This line comprises five models and has been designed for high-quality music enjoyment and Home Cinema experiences delivered by Focal’s renowned savoir-faire in acoustic. The brand which is recognized by the French government as a French “Living Heritage Company” chose its exclusive Slatefiber cone for the Vestia range.
Romain Vet Headshot
Romain Vet
Vice President of Focal Naim America
Born from the merger in 2011 of Focal, a world leader in acoustic sound made in France for over 40 years, and Naim Audio, a world leader in British-made hi-fi electronics for 50 years, VerVent Audio Group’s brand subsidiaries signal a new investment phase and direction for VerVent in the US and Canada. By creating its own distribution entity, the group is striving to turn the North American territory into the market leader for Focal and Naim.

Both are recognized as exceptional brands in their countries: Naim is a multiple Queen’s Award winner, while Focal is designated by the French state as an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’. Together, they have united their unique areas of excellence and innovation and constitute a reference point in the world.

Focal Vestia High-Fidelity Loudspeakers

Focal engineers succeeded in exploiting the full potential of this cone to achieve an impressively faithful mid-range rendering, alongside a deep and articulated bass. The cone is made from recycled, non-woven carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymer; the combination of these two materials results in excellent performance, in terms of sound velocity as well as rigidity and damping. The new Aluminum/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped TAM tweeter, meanwhile, is inherited from the Motorities division. It has been adapted for traditional Hi-Fi listening, offering precise and natural treble reproduction.

Product Description

Vestia delivers the purity of Focal sound, made even finer thanks to a host of sound details and a significantly improved treble reproduction. Focal offers the best acoustic loudspeakers in terms of sound, but also design. Refined, the Vestia models present a dynamic and sleek design that blends seamlessly into all styles of interior.

For this line, inspired by Vesta and Hestia – goddesses of the hearth and the home – the French brand has chosen refined finishes: Black High Gloss, Dark Wood, or Light Wood for the side panels, accompanied by a black or white leather effect for the front panels. Every detail counts, with metallic rings perfecting the aesthetic finish. For greater discretion, Vestia loudspeaker owners can cover their models with the grille provided.

Vestia No 2 in rustic and modern home
Vestia series in rustic home

Discover the Focal Vestia Line

  • Vestia Center: the 2-way central model, which enhances the dialogue in your films for a home cinema configuration.
  • Vestia N°1: the superbly compact bookshelf model.
  • Vestia N°2: the leading 3-way floor standing model for uncompromising sound quality.
  • Vestia N°3: the 3-way floor standing model for balanced and vibrant listening experiences.
  • Vestia N°4: the 3-way floor standing model with two 8 1/4” (21cm) woofers, for deep bass with impact.

Explore Focal Vestia Loudspeakers

Vestia No 1
Vestia No 1

Vestia N°1

Developed in the pure heritage of Focal bookshelf loudspeakers, Vestia N°1 combines finesse with compact design. This 2-way high-fidelity loudspeaker incorporates an Aluminum-Magnesium ‘M’-shaped TAM tweeter, a Focal exclusive never before seen in a loudspeaker for the home. This tweeter enables soft and precise treble reproduction. In addition, Focal’s famous Slatefiber cone is made from recycled carbon fibers, for detailed and memorable listening experiences. Vestia N°1 is designed for all music lovers and blends seamlessly into rooms of up to 322ft² (30m²).
Vestia No 2

Vestia N°2

Vestia N°2 is a 3-way floor standing loudspeaker combining the elegance of an understated design with the finesse of a modern high-fidelity loudspeaker. It combines Focal technologies such as the Slatefiber recycled carbon fiber cone, made in our French workshops, with the ‘M’-shaped TAM tweeter (never before seen on a home loudspeaker) for enhanced treble. Vestia N°2 is ideal for room sizes starting from 215 ft2 (20m²), with a recommended listening distance of 10ft (3m).
Vestia No 3

Vestia N°3

Vestia N°3 is a slender 3-way floor standing loudspeaker delivering accomplished performance. Following in the footsteps of the Aria 936 model, Vestia N°3 offers linear listening and outstanding neutrality. Its impressive dynamics delivered by three bass speaker drivers allow it to present the best of Home Cinema and “monitoring” type stereo listening alike. Ideal for rooms from 270ft² (25m²), Vestia N°3 seduces every listener in search of emotion.
Vestia No 4

Vestia N°4

The Vestia N°4 Hi-Fi loudspeaker wears its heart on its sleeve. This latest product in the range is a 3-way floor standing model that goes back to the source of the sound. Its 81/4” (21cm) woofers effortlessly deliver exceptionally deep and powerful bass. The TAM tweeter offers a rare level of finesse and impressive precision in the treble, for fatigue-free listening over extended periods of time. The midrange with Slatefiber cone brings refinement and neutrality. Vestia N°4 is installed in rooms measuring at least 269 ft2 (25m²) and is the perfect choice for music enthusiasts seeking high performance.
Vestia Center

Vestia Center

Vestia Center is the center speaker in the line. During its development, the complementary nature of its timbre with other Vestia loudspeakers is a particular stand-out feature. It perfectly complements a multi-channel system, lending it coherence in design and sound, as well as faithful reproduction during Home Cinema listening sessions. The tilted base supplied with the loudspeaker enhances the soundstage and allows you to enjoy a unique Cinema experience at home.
Vestia Gamme lineup

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