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Technology changes, but great sound will always be best on great speakers. With cutting edge wireless technology and more than 35 years of expertise in speaker design, we bring a new kind of convenience to sublime sound reproduction. We call it DALI EQUI.
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Lars Warre
I see myself as a technician, as an engineer. My first priority every day is to think in terms of how we can take the company further in terms of good sound. It may sound trivial, but I believe as others do, that it’s about reproducing sound, as true to nature, as possible. The clarity in the midrange, the fact that you can see the driver of the speaker as an acoustic lens. One with very little distortion of the image that also provides clear access to the message, or the motive, of the recording. That is what we strive for.

Product Description

Not simply a series of active loudspeakers but an entire wireless active ecosystem. DALI EQUI allows you to configure the ultimate stereo or home theater system using high resolution, low-latency wireless audio. No strings attached! Simply partner one of our Sound Hubs with any speakers from our RUBICON C, CALLISTO C, or OBERON C product lines to create an elegant and dynamic audio system that can expand and grow as your needs do.

Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo

Start with a SOUND HUB COMPACT and any choice of RUBICON C, CALLISTO C, or OBERON C speakers, and enjoy apt-X HD Bluetooth streaming or connect your CD player and other sources.

Multi-Room Music

Turn things up a notch by starting with the DALI SOUND HUB and add the BluOS NPM-2i expansion module. You’ve now become part of the BluOS streaming ecosystem along with adding MQA compatibility.

Active Wireless Surround

Add the new HDMI expansion module for the DALI SOUND HUB and you now have the foundation for a high-performance wireless surround system (up to 7.1) that is easy to set up and use. Next, choose active wireless speakers from the OBERON C and RUBICON C series and add the new OBERON VOKAL C dedicated center-channel speaker. Adding the DALI WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver) lets you complete the picture by adding wireless capability to any active subwoofer from any brand, making it part of your EQUI system. Now you can truly place your subwoofer anywhere in your room to get the best possible sonic results. No more wires to limit your placement options.

Modern living room with stereo and DALI speakers
overlooking large floorplan with DALI speakers
Modern room view with DALI speakers

The Technology

Wireless Technology

The SOUND HUB and SOUND HUB COMPACT wireless connection protocol is a proprietary and highly stable 30-bit digital stream broadcast over the 5.2 GHz or the 5.8 GHz band.

The robust wireless connection means that speakers can be placed as much as 10m away from a SOUND HUB or SOUND HUB COMPACT without risk of connection failure or temporary signal interruptions.

Zero Loss

Zero Loss volume control is handled at the end of the digital signal chain – in the speakers themselves. This ensures that volume adjustment does not result in data loss through truncation of the digital word length. By placing speaker volume control at the end of the digital signal chain, directly before the digital to analogue conversion stage, a full 24-bit digital resolution is retained at all volume levels.

Low Latency

The total system latency is extremely low at under 15mS, meaning that the signal delay from input to speaker is so low, that you will experience no loss of lip-sync in audiovisual systems. The latency between stereo channels down to about 1 sample, which, at the systems available sampling frequency of 96 kHz, is as vanishingly little as 10uS. This results in an extremely stable stereo image and is a big part of why EQUI sounds so good.

Speaker-Matched Amplifiers

Active speakers have several advantages over passive speakers. In OBERON C, CALLISTO C, and RUBICON C speakers, each speaker driver is connected directly to its own Class-D amplifier, thus avoiding the problems of electrical loss and impedance variation inherent in passive crossover filters. Instead, the necessary frequency filtering is done with active filters placed before the amplifier. Because these filters are implemented in the digital domain, before the digital-to-analogue conversion, they achieve much greater precision than their analogue counterparts – with none of the losses and impedance problems.

The Active Speakers

Rubicon C

DALI RUBICON C is the active counterpart to the RUBICON series – sharing the same drivers and cabinet construction, while inheriting the amplifier technology from CALLISTO, and the wireless audio transmission from the DALI SOUND HUB. The models consist of the large floor-standing 8C, the midsize 6C tower, and the 2C bookshelf speaker.

Callisto C

The wireless DALI CALLISTO C speaker system re-imagines Hi-Fi for the 21st Century – without the need for complicated electronics. Playback and stream all your Hi-Res music files easily and conveniently via Bluetooth from your smart device or music server. The CALLISTO C series is made up of the floor-standing Callisto 6C and the Callisto 2C bookshelf speakers.

Oberon C

The OBERON C series comprises three active two-way speakers – derived from the renowned passive OBERON series – while utilizing the wireless technology developed for the CALLISTO C series. The range introduces the compact OBERON 1 C, the floor-standing OBERON 7 C, the low profile OBERON ON-WALL C, and the new OBERON Vokal C center channel speaker.

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“Audiophiles may never give up their need to tinker, to customize, to spend years getting the right amplifier/speaker combination. Those of us who want to listen to music, however, conveniently, at higher resolutions, welcome reputable companies like DALI to give us audiophile quality playback from the beginning. Getting the Rubicon 6c speakers positioned exactly right in your space is vital to the final sound you get, but that is hardly a criticism. Listen to any genre in your music library, the DALI will not disappoint you. Recommended!”